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Scientific programme features

Plenary lectures

Two plenary lectures will be given by two eminent scientists in the field. Professor Alexander Bershadsky will highlight connections between self-organization of actomyosin cytoskeleton and cell morphogenesis (20 September 2018; 18:00) and Professor Anna Akhmanova will describe microtubule-based molecular mechanisms controlling cell motility (22 September 2018; 18:00).


Seven sessions will focus on scientific aspects of the regulation of cytoskeletal systems as well as on their medically relevant dysregulations associated with diseases. Each session will include lectures delivered by invited leading scientists in the field and selected short talks.

Session I.    Cytoskeleton in cell migration (chair: Christophe Ampe)
Session II.   Regulation of cytoskeleton dynamics (chair: Carsten Janke)
Session III.  Cytoskeleton and signal transduction (chair: Sandrine Etienne-Manneville)
Session IV.  Interactions between cytoskeletal systems (chair: Gerhard Wiche)
Session V.   Cytoskeleton and organelles (chair: Pavel Dráber)
Session VI.  Cytoskeleton and cancer (chair: Marleen Van Troys)
Session VII. Pathobiology of cytoskeleton (chair: Jiří Hašek)

Research talks

Lectures (25 min + 5 min discussion).

Short talks (10 min + 5 min discussion) will be delivered by participants selected by organizers on the basis of scientific quality of submitted abstracts.

Your presentation must be handed over to the personnel on a USB stick in the slide preview room as far in advance as possible and two hours before the beginning of each of your dedicated sessions at the latest. Any presentations for an early morning session should be handed over the evening before.

Technician will be available to help you with uploading your presentation onto the on-site presentation system, and with any modification if needed. All presentations will be automatically transferred from the slide preview room to the lecture hall.

Roundtable discussions - networking

Discussions of the selected scientific aspects in smaller groups promoting more face-to-face contact between all the participants and the lecturers. Roundtable discussions will be moderated by chairmans with the experience in the field.

I.    Meet the Editor-in-Chief: publishing in Journal of Cell Science – Michael Way
II.   Euro-BioImaging: access to cutting-edge microscopic techniques – Vlada Philimonenko and Martin Anger
III.  How FEBS can support your research (grant supports for fellowships, networking, organization of congresses, ...) – Stefana Petrescu and Václav Pačes


Posters will be displayed throughout the meeting in Poster area. Posters should not exceed 85 cm width × 115 cm length (portrait orientation) and should be posted after your registration. There will be pins available to fix the poster. Please remove your poster on Sunday, 23 September 2018, by 18:00.

The Poster prize will be awarded at FEBS Advanced Lecture Course and 33rd European Cytoskeletal Forum Meeting on "Biology and pathology of the cytoskeleton: the crossroads of three cytoskeletal systems" by the scientific committee who will assess all posters according to the scientific quality and the presentation of the content.

FEBS has twin commitments to high-quality publications and the promotion of molecular biosciences. As a charitable academic organization,
FEBS uses income from the journals to fund its diverse activities, including support for FEBS Advanced Courses.